Journey through Egypt: 1

Join world-renown expert Sahra Saeeda in a 20-hour intensive study JtE 1 in Seattle, WA: 

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Journey Through Egypt Level 1 consists of 20 mandatory in class hours. Level 1 provides an overview of the seven dance zones of Egypt and the dances and cultures found in those zones.

Classroom time is divided between lecture, dance instruction, and trying on clothing from each of the regions discussed through the course.

$250 paid in full by Feb 1, 2015 | $300 after Feb 1, 2015
$100 deposit required to hold reservation
All sales final; no refunds.

Friday 4/10: 6pm­-10pm
Saturday 4/11: 10­am-10pm (1 hour lunch break, 1 hour dinner break)
Sunday 4/12: 10am-­5pm (1 hour lunch)

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About JtE 1:
“Acknowledging the regions of Egypt, the course covers the dances of Nubia of Upper Egypt to the dances of the Suez canal, Delta, and Mediterranean coast, from the Sinai to Siwa, and everything in between! No matter what stage of your dance career, Journey Through Egypt can help you gain a cultural perspective that will be invaluable both to you, and those around you.

While the origins and ancient history of bellydance are widely debated and unproven we do investigate how performance dance has changed over the last 200+ years in Egypt. From the banishment of dancers by Mohammed Ali, to the elevation of dance to the national and international stage with Mahmoud Reda, Journey Through Egypt is a comprehensive course on the dances of Egypt and their known history.

To change the way that bellydance is seen by the mainstream public, we have to start with educating ourselves, and then educating our students and audiences to the best of our abilities.

Filled with stories, videos, images, and more, Journey Through Egypt is a course that is essential to any Middle Eastern Dance student, teacher, or performer who wants to know more about the history of their dance form.”

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